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Investment FORTIS companyInvestment FORTIS company successfully works in the market of the Russian commercial real estate, and has a reputation as a reliable, efficient partner you can trust. Investing in commercial real estate - one of the key areas of activity FORTIS.Spetsialisty companies are fully aware of the prospects of this direction, and we are convinced that the property has to work and generate income. Moreover - they know how to make an income as high as possible, and the object - liquid and truly valuable.

FORTIS Company invests and acquires only high quality, liquidity and long-term commercial real estate - office, retail, warehouses of different categories.

Among the objects owned by the company:

• Modern offices;

• Retail space;

• Objects street retail;

• Business center;

• Warehousing and logistics facilities.

Experts of the company FORTIS in a professional manner, and based on many years, valuable experience successfully helping their clients to solve such problems as:

• Sale, purchase and lease of commercial real estate

• The choice of real estate management strategy and its competent implementation in practice (search for tenants and buyers, reconception, etc).

• Consulting;

• Legal support of transactions in commercial real estate;

• Management and operation of real estate.

The centuries-old practice of Western and modern Russian market clearly confirms that the most reliable, stable and profitable investments are in real estate, particularly in commercial applications. They are the most liquid, can yield high, guaranteed income, protected from the effects of different economic situations.

At the moment, in the asset FORTIS - a lot of successful projects that efforts of specialists of the company, over the years bring their owners a stable high income, which is directly proportional effect on increasing the liquidity and capitalization of these properties.

Choosing a company FORTIS as an investment partner or consultant, you make the right decision - in favor of experience, professionalism and flexibility of approach.

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